Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda (Navara Kizhi)

Full Body ● 75 minutes
Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda (Navara Kizhi)

@Home Ayurvedic Therapy Service For Neurological Issues, Parkinsons & Burning Sensation

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Shashtika Shali - Rice harvested for 60 days. Pinda - Bolus. Sweda - Fomentation.

It is one among the fomentation therapies which is performed using milk & a special ayurvedic rice (Shashtika Shali / Navara) cooked in a decoction of Bala moola (Sida cordifolia).

As it provides Swedana (sudation), Snehana (oleation) and Brimhana (nourishment) simultaneously, it is widely used in conditions such as pain, dryness and weakness in the body. As it possesses inherent cool property, it also helps in the condition of burning sensation and severe neurological conditions.

This therapy pacifies the conditions caused by morbid Vata, Pitta and Rakta (degenerative/ inflammatory diseases or other pathological conditions due to contamination of blood).

Shastika Shaali Pinda Sweda is generally preferred in the absence of ama (आम).

Ama - अपक्व आहार रस इति आम ।

It is an undigested, unprocessed toxic substance formed due to the hypo-functioning of Agni which is not capable of nourishing the body, but vitiates Doshas and causes diseases.

Agni, an important factor which does the digestion of the ingested food articles, helps to maintain the good health.

Features seen in a person due to Ama are: feeling of weakness, heaviness, laziness, Indigestion and excessive salivation, constipation, lack of taste and lethargy.

If there is a presence of ama, then this therapy can be opted after getting rid of ama with treatments like Vaaluka Sweda (fomentation given using heated sand) or Udwartanam (Medicated powder massage) or Choorna Pinda Sweda (fomentation given by poultice made of medicated churnas).

This ayurvedic therapy helps to subside spacticity, joint deformities, rigidity, hemiplegia, chronic rheumatism, later stages of demyelination, muscular dystrophy and palsy. Nutrients of Shastika Shali also supply proper nourishment to Dhatu (bodily tissues).

How is it done?

A rhythmic 30 minutes of medicated oil massage would be provided, by our Ayurvedic therapists, on the affected area.

45 minutes of Potli Massage using lukewarm poultices filled with ayurvedic medicated rice and massaged around the affected area.

Contraindications Fever Pregnancy Diarrhoea Fractures Cold & flu Extreme fatigue High blood pressure Infectious diseases Hemorrhagic disorders Certain cardiac issues Inflammatory skin conditions Acute cases of rheumatoid arthritis
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