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● 60 minutes
Kati Basti

Back Pain Ayurvedic Treatment. Ideal for Lumbar Disprolapse, Lumbar Spondylosis

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About this therapy

Let Ayurveda put a permanent full stop to your incessant backaches with Kati basti - a proven Ayurvedic treatment for assuaging lower backaches.

How is it done?

Ayurvedic Therapist would make a compartment using ground urad flour

Lukewarm medicated oil (chosen according to the predominant dosha) would be filled in the compartment

The oil is retained in the compartment for a specific period of time. This allows the vigor of the herbs to reach the deep tissues thereby strengthening the back muscles and the spine

Contraindications One who has difficulty to lie down in prone position (face down) People who have ama (toxins) related pain (to be examined by the Ayurvedic doctor)
Products Used

Urad Dal Dough

Medicinal Oil

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Kati Basti1 Session
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