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What if we tell you that Ayurveda has the answer to your anxiety and all your health woes? After all, what is more relaxing than soothing abhyanga or a authentic full body massage at home which will not only relax the mind and body but also improve the skin, strengthen the bones and delay ageing.

Abhyanga is a powerful Ayurvedic body massage where the trained therapists smear warm medicated oil all over your body. This oil, then, by careful massage strokes is allowed to seep into the skin from where it reaches and nourishes the tissues, muscles and the bones. Avail full body massage, half body massage, foot massage, head massage and face massages all at the confines of your home.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I get abhyanga full body massage done during pregnancy?

Abhyanga is avoided during pregnancy, although neck, half body, back massage can be taken.

Q. I have dry skin, so how often should I get abhyanga body massage done?

Abhyanga Is extremely helpful for dry skin. One can get it done atleast 3 times a week or more depending on the individuals requirement and the doctors advice

Q. How long should I retain the oil post abhyanga massage before I take a hot water shower?

If you can retain the oil for at least one and a half hours, you would be able to derive the maximum benefits out of the medicated oil.

Q. Can I use soap to wash it off?

Any mild soap can be used, but ideally one should take a shower using powdered green gram powder or gram flour (besan) to wash off the oil. It will keep your skin healthy and glowing for long.

Q. Is Abhyanga body massage at home safe if I have sensitive skin?

As per our experience, Abhyanga is completely safe for all skin types. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin, we may go for a 10-minute patch test before proceeding with the therapy.

Q. Can I go for Ayurvedic body massage near me if I recently suffered from a fracture?

We do not recommend undergoing Abhyanga massage at least up to a month following a fracture. Post that, our doctors would recommend suitable therapy after assessing your joint health and condition.