Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment Bangalore | Book Weight Loss Massages

Tired of low self-esteem just because the weighing scale doesn’t move in your desired direction? Fret not, because gone are the times when you needed to forgo delicious home-made and crib!

The concept of a fit and healthy body goes far beyond weight loss or weight gain. This is where the modern fitness industry misses the mark and traditional Ayurvedic practices come into play. Avail our panchakarma ayurvedic weight management treatment for weight loss and body detox to stay healthy.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have extremely dry skin, so will this not cause abrasions due to the rubbing action of herbal powders?

In such cases, we recommend snighda medohara therapy where the herbal powders would be mixed with oil and massaged onto the skin with light strokes. This would not over-exert the skin and eliminate the chances of abrasions and skin irritations

Q. How many kgs of weight loss or weight gain can be expected through this?

It varies from person to person. It would also depend upon how strictly one follows the Pathya (dietary and lifestyle advice) given by the doctor.

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