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Are you looking for the most effective way to reduce neck pain? Your Pains may not impact you just physically but also mentally. It’s everything. So, let’s look to solve everything. In Ayursh, we strive to enhance your lost body and mind power with a combination of clinically proven home physiotherapy for unrivalled results.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does a physiotherapy session last?

The duration of each session may last between 40 and 120 minutes depending upon the therapy and your health condition

Q. How do I know if my neck pain is bad enough to need treatment?

If you notice neck stiffness, soreness, sharp pains or other discomfort in your neck, it’s always worth having it checked by a Physiotherapist

Q. What will happen if I don’t get it treated for my neck pain?

If you don’t seek early treatment you may develop chronic symptoms and decrease your chance of optimal recovery

Q. Will it hurt during therapy?

Some treatment can be uncomfortable because of your pain but at no stage should you be unable to tolerate the level of discomfort. Our physiotherapist will give you clear guidelines on what to expect during and after treatment and what are its normal reactions

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