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The excruciating body aches, omnipresent muscle stiffness and pestering joint pains are inevitable iniquities of the modern society. These conditions either come along with ageing or are associated with culprits like improper posture, long working hours, incorrect dietary or lifestyle habits.

In order to alleviate the recurring pains and aches, we have resorted to time-tested Ayurvedic wisdom in the form of Ayursh Rujahara - a set of therapies which allay these discomforts along with nourishing and improving flexibility in the muscles and joints with our muscle stiffness treatment and joint pain treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I take ayursh rujahara packages without online doctor consultation?

If you have already consulted a doctor elsewhere, then you are free to choose the packages accordingly. However, it is generally advisable to choose Rujahara package after talking to a doctor. The doctor may prescribe one or two therapies according to your body constitution and needs.

Q. I have sensitive skin, so can I opt for Rujahara treatment?

It is completely safe to take up this package, however, very rarely some people may be allergic to a certain ingredient in the oil or medicine preparation. If you are skeptical of this, taking one session initially is ideal before booking a bigger package.

Q. Can I give a break in between the sessions of the package?

You would receive maximum benefits of the treatment when it is taken regularly without any break. However, in case of unavoidable situations, you can take a break of one or two days in between.

Q. Should I take both external and internal therapy to solve my joint pain or aches?

Ayursh Rujahara packages are done under the supervision of specialist doctors. These packages have stood the test of time in curing body aches. Also, external therapy when combined with appropriate internal medicines given by our specialist doctors solve even chronic cases in shorter span of time. With mere internal medicines, it may take longer to solve them.