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Full Body ● 75 minutes
Choorna Pinda Sweda (Podi Kizhi)

Ayurvedic Massage For Muscle & Joint Stiffness, Muscle Cramps, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Back Pain

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About this therapy

Don’t let painful and stiff joints ruin your mornings. Book Choorna Pinda Sweda or Podi Kizhi home treatment where heat is given to the swollen and aching joints by means of herbal powders tied in a poultice. This heat reaches the body channels and metabolizes the Ama or the toxins aiding in their easy removal. This provides relief from muscle spasms and joint inflammation.

Choorna - fine powders of medicinal herbs. Pinda - bolus (small rounded mass of a substance). Sweda - Sudation/ fomentation.

The ideal ayurvedic treatment where the heat is given by means of fine herbal powder (like Kottamchukkadi Choorna or Rasna Choorna - to pacify pain and Vata Dosha, Dashamula - Anti inflammatory and Analgesic, Sarshapa - to reduce the pain) tied in a poultice for joint pain, knee pain, lower back pain and neck pain, muscle cramp associated with stiffness, inflammation and swelling. A therapy highly advised in case of pain, inflammation and stiffness associated with Ama (आम) conditions.

Ama - अपक्व आहार रस इति आम। It is an undigested, unprocessed toxic substance formed due to the hypo-functioning of Agni which is not capable of nourishing the body, but vitiates Doshas and causes diseases. Agni, an important factor which does the digestion of the ingested food articles, helps to maintain the good health.

Features seen in a person due to Ama are: feeling of weakness, heaviness, laziness, Indigestion and excessive salivation, constipation, lack of taste and lethargy.

By opting Choorna Pinda Sweda, the heat reaches the body channels and metabolizes and removes the toxic substance 'Ama' aiding in the easy healing process.

You definitely have to opt for Choorna Pinda Sweda if you notice either of the symptoms of Ama. If no such symptoms, then opting Patra Pinda Sweda works magically on such conditions.

How is it done?

A rhythmic 30 minutes oil massage by our certified therapists on the affected region.

45 minutes of Potli massage is done using poultice filled with churna (medicated herbal powder chosen depending upon your body nature) around the affected area.

Contraindications Fever Pregnancy Diarrhoea Fractures Cold & flu Extreme fatigue Infectious diseases High blood pressure Hemorrhagic disorders Certain cardiac issues Inflammatory skin conditions
Products Used

Medicated Churnas

Kora Cloth

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