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● 45 minutes
Greeva Basti

Shoulder Pain Massage. Panchakarma Treatment for Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain.

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About this therapy

Improper posture and sitting for long hours in front of the laptop can manifest themselves in the form of neck and cervical discomforts. Don’t let the pestering cervical pains put an end to your physical and mental repose

Try Greeva Basti- a relaxing as well as a nourishing treatment for the neck and cervical region. This ayurvedic treatment helps in strengthening the neck and cervical muscles & helps in assuaging pain and discomfort caused due to incorrect posture

Ideal treatment if you're looking for shoulder pain massage near me.

How is it done?

Ayurvedic Therapist would make an urad dal dough compartment on the nape or back of your neck

Lukewarm medicated oil would be poured into this compartment and retained there for a specific period of time

Contraindications People who have difficulty to lie down in prone position (face down) People who have pain related to Ama or toxins (to be examined by the doctor)
Products Used

Urad Dal Dough

Medicinal Oil

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