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'Bed Rest or immobility is not an answer. Activity and therapy help healing the most’. Ayursh physiotherapy helps you to move safely and effectively. We mainly focus on your body’s ability to engage in movement as well as doing recreational activities. Our physiotherapists help you to understand what happens to your joints and muscles when you have arthritis. Understanding your arthritis will help you to manage its effects better.

Physiotherapist home visit service will help you to get you back to living an healthy and physically active life you deserve!

Frequently asked questions

Q. Am I able to exercise despite my health condition?

Exercise is one of the most important treatments for alleviating the disorders associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Regular exercise can increase the strength and flexibility of people with rheumatoid arthritis. You need stronger muscles to support your joint and flexibility to aid joint functioning

Q. Does inactivity make rheumatoid arthritis worse?

Inactive rheumatoid arthritis patients are at risk of increased pain, muscle weakness, imbalance and joint stiffness

Q. How long my session will last?

In most cases, each treatment session can last between 40 and 60 minutes. The duration and session will depend on the individual conditions and symptoms

Q. What should I wear for my sessions?

Dress comfortably. For treatments, try to wear loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable to exercise and examine

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