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Post Pregnancy Massage

post pregnancy massage

Post Pregnancy Massage

Post delivery care is very important for the well-being and long-term health of women. During pregnancy, women undergo a lot of changes physically, emotionally and mentally. After delivery, her responsibilities will increase, like feeding, taking care of the baby, etc. There will be sleepless nights, fatigue, mood swings and irritations. Because of a new phase in life, many women usually forget to take care of themselves. They just ignore their health. Our Prasoothika Charya massage makes post pregnancy care in Bangalore a whole lot easier.

After delivery, a girl needs an healthy diet and full of rest. A great care is much appreciated. During pregnancy, the foetus gets all the nourishment from the mother. Because of that, mother’s seven nourishing tissues will get weakened. After delivery, due to loss of blood and other fluids in the body, it creates emptiness and the mother becomes weaker and more stressed out. This period is called Sutika in Ayurveda, which means mother after delivery. To relax and rejuvenate, abhyanga (oil massage) helps a lot. After delivery, usually Vata gets aggravated due to emptiness created in the lower abdomen. As Vata gets high, the digestive fire becomes weak. According to Ayurveda, the most suitable oil for one’s body is the best remedy to normalize vata.

Most common issues faced by a woman post-delivery due to abnormal bodily factors –

1. Body pain
2. Tiredness
3. Back and shoulder pain
4. Lack of breast milk production
5. Bloating, constipation
6. Stretch marks
7. Urinary tract infections
8. Disturbed sleep

Our prastoothika charya post pregnancy massage is a warm oil massage that is administered for up to 40 days after delivery helps to regain energy, alleviate Vata and relieve stress, and add more benefits like –

1. Relieve post delivery pain
2. Remove fatigue
3. Prevent dryness and itchiness
4. Induces a good sleep
5. Reduces postpartum blues (like mood swings, irritations, postpartum depression, etc.)
6. Gives glow to the skin, and reduces stretch marks
7. Promotes better lactation
8. Reduces bloating, gastric problems, and indigestion
9. Improves appetite
10. Relaxes the whole body

When to take it?

Our Prasoothika Charya post-pregnancy massage includes Abhyanga massage. This warm oil massage should be taken on an empty stomach or after the digestion of a previous meal. The preferable time is morning or evening.

* If it is a normal delivery, massage can be started immediately after discharge
* If it is a caesarean, till the scars heal, better to avoid oil massage

Who will do it?

Our trained therapist will do the massage with special techniques. The naval massage will be given extra to reduce the tummy.

Bath –

After vigorous massage, a bath with medicated herbal powder will help to get a natural glow of the skin and to relax the whole body.

After bathing, the abdomen is wrapped tightly with the lengthy cotton cloth. That will help to remove the excess Vata from the stomach.

Baby Massage –

Childbirth is a very natural process, but it is stressful for both child and mother. During the delivery, Vata will be aggravated in the child. Therefore Abhyanga (Oil massage) with warm oil helps to calm down Vata dosha and to promote growth of the baby. For the proper development of the baby, a balanced Vata is very important. Ayurveda says Vata is dominant during childhood and old age, so it is very important to balance vata in these stages.

Doctors used to say No to oil massage as it may cause skin rashes or cold, cough, etc. to the baby. But researchers have proven that hand stimulation during massage helps to produce oxytocin hormone, which improves mental bonding between mother and child by creating a pleasurable moment. The physical touch helps to develop the neuromuscular system in the child. Oil helps for weight gain and to give essential nutrition.

Benefits –

1. Gives smoothness and lustre to the skin
2. Boosts immunity
3. Induces a good sleep
4. Nourishes body, scalp and hair
5. Helpful in the overall growth and development of the baby.
6. Maintains temperature control

When to do it?

So, which is the best time to get post pregnancy massages in Bangalore?

* It is better to do it one empty stomach or after one hour after breastfeeding
* Preferable time would be morning or evening depending on the season
* After abhyanga, a bath is advised. Then cover with warm cloth.

Note – If the baby or mother is having loose motion, indigestion, or cold, cough, etc. It is better to avoid oil massage. Get a chemical-free natural, medicated herbal oil massage to make your skin healthy and glowing.

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