Prasoothika Charya

Prasoothika Charya

Massage to attain pre pregnancy body and to remove stretch marks

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Duration ● 60 minutes

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In order to bring your little bundle of joy into this world, your body sustains many changes like stretching of muscles, changes in hormone levels and enlargement of belly. Our Prasoothika Charya consists of therapies to soothe your tired muscles, relieve mental stress, detoxify your body and repair internal wear and tear all within the confines of your home.

How is it done?

Prasoothika Abhyanga - a traditional oil massage using special Ayurvedic herbs and proper strokes to soothe your tired muscles, relieve mental stress and help the uterus in getting back to its pre-pregnancy state.

Prasoothika Snana - a special bath performed by our trained therapists post oil massage using decoctions of powerful herbs and your body is allowed to soak up the goodness of these herbs.

In addition to the forementioned therapies, your doctor may advise you certain internal medicines in order to speed up the healing process.

Contraindications Prasoothika charya is done ONLY after 3-5 days following normal delivery In case of cesarean section, this therapy should not be done for a period of two weeks unless and until the surgery scar has completely healed
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