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Prasoothika Charya

● 60 minutes
Prasoothika Charya

Post Natal Massage At Home to attain pre pregnancy body and to remove stretch marks

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Motherhood is all about Loving, Sharing, Sacrificing, Struggling and Reviving. From pregnancy to motherhood, women undergoes immense physical and mental exertion during labour.

Post delivery, one becomes extremely debilitated both physically & mentally. Due to development of foetus, instability of body tissues, exertion of labour pains, excretion of blood and moisture, post delivery mother becomes very weak.

By following Prasootika Charya (post pregnancy massage), women can regain all the lost energy and reaches to pre-pregnant status. Our Prasootika Charya consists of therapies such as Sootika Abhyanga (Post natal massage at home), Choorna Snana, Parisheka (Water Therapy), Sootika Snana (Post Natal Bath) and Udaraveshtana (Abdominal wrap) to soothe your tired muscles, relieve mental stress, detoxify your body and to repair the internal wear and tear of the tissues.

This also includes massage of the baby which helps in overall growth and development of the little one. Baby massage helps strengthening the baby and prevents baby from frequently falling ill.

How is it done?

*Prasootika Abhyanga* - A traditional Post partum massage which helps to pacify Vata Dosha, rejuvenate your tired muscles, relieves you from weakness. The proper therapeutic strokes also prevents thrombosis and improves the venous blood flow by dilating superficial blood vessels.

*Churna Snana* - After Abhyanga, Herbal powder will be rubbed against the oleated skin. It helps to remove the debris from the skin and mobilises the fat.

*Parisheka* - A procedure in which hot water will be splashed/streamed against the abdomen, pacifies Vata & Kapha Dosha, relieves from pain, tones up the skin and also helps the uterus to set back to the pre-pregnant position.

*Sootika Snana* - Decoction of Dhashamoola and Bala Moola Kwatha Choorna will be used in the procedure of Sootika Snana. It helps to pacify Vata Dosha and strengthens the muscles.

*Udaraveshtana* A procedure in which a long cotton cloth is tightly wrapped to the abdomen in order to prevent vitiation of Vata Dosha by compressing hollow space produced after expulsion of foetus. It also helps the uterus to shrink back to its normal size and straighten the back after pregnancy thereby improving your posture.

In addition to the aforementioned therapies, internal medicines are also included as part of the multi sessions package to speed up the healing process and to increase the production of breast milk

Contraindications Prasoothika charya is done ONLY after 5 to 7 days following normal delivery In case of cesarean section, this therapy should not be done for a period of three weeks unless and until the surgery scar has completely healed
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