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Ayurvedic Padottama Treatment Through Janu Basti

knee pain massage near me

Ayurvedic Padottama Treatment Through Janu Basti

Knee Pain Massage Near Me

Ayurveda is a wonder world of many extraordinary practices for treating a number of unhealthy conditions. Discussing knee pain, it is a common medical condition that can occur at any stage of life. The pain ranges from minor to major and it may form from various issues like obesity, wrong footwear, extreme pressure, etc.

Now, Janu Basti is one of the most effective ways offered by Ayurveda for treating all types of knee pains. In Sanskrit, “Janu” means knee point and “Basti” means the abdomen or the lower belly. Janu Basti is often prescribed for treating osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain. You can avail this amazing massage therapy If you are looking for a massage therapy with knee pain massage near me, make sure to opt for this holistic approach – Janu Basti.

What is Involved in Janu Basti?

Janu Basti is a form of Ayurvedic treatment that involves bathing the stiff joints with warm medicated oil. The oil is pooled over the knee with the help of a dough made from black gram flour. The dough is used to form a pocket over the knee and to contain the oil in a pooled state. The oil is left over the knees for a certain period to strengthen the overall architecture of knee joints.

It is proven that Janu Basti provides magical relief when paired with foot and leg massage. It is recommended that you consult with knowledgeable Panchakarma therapists to get the best results. The oil that is poured over the knees, seeps inside to lubricate the joint tissues. The ultimate results end in complete relaxation, comfort and reduction in pain and inflammation.

Janu Basti Panchakarma

Janu Basti is a part of Panchakarma treatments. Throughout the procedure, the temperature of the oil is maintained at an optimal level. After about 40 to 60 minutes, the oil is drained and the dough is removed. These services are available when you find a leg massage near me. Also, the number of sessions is prescribed based on the situation of your knee. Maybe a session will be enough if you’re experiencing minor pain in your knees. However, for treating chronic painful knees, the prescribed session may reach up to 21 sittings.

Consult your problems thoroughly with our qualified doctor at Ayursh. When it comes to foot massage near me, we are happy to serve you in a holistic way that always envelops healthy living conditions.

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