Shirodhara with Abhyanga Massage

● 90 minutes
Shirodhara with Abhyanga Massage

Head to Toe Oil Massage followed by Shirodhara therapy. Ideal for Relaxation, Stress Relief, Depression, Migraine & Hair Fall

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Who needs to book a vacation to faraway lands when you can enjoy a quick getaway in the comfort of your own homes! In this therapy, we employ powerful herbs infused milk, decoctions & oils to calm your nervous system, mollify the brain muscles and rejuvenate your brain. These relaxation therapies lead to clearer thoughts, better concentration and improved sleep quality.

How is it done?

This therapy comprises of a soothing full body oil massage for 50 minutes

This is followed by a rhythmic pouring of herbal oil or medicated decoction or medicated milk on your forehead for a period of 40 minutes

Your head is then made to absorb the oil/decoction by slowly rubbing it on your scalp

Contraindications Fever Pregnancy Sinusitis Head injury Common cold & flu
Products Used

Shirodhara stand

medicinal oil

medicated milk

medicated buttermilk

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