Ayursh Netra Tarpanam

● 45 minutes
Ayursh Netra Tarpanam

For Nourishing and Clean Eyes. To improve Far/Near Sightedness, Reduces eye burning. Removes Dark circles

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Eyes are one of the most delicate, sensitive and important sense organ of the body. Any slight variations in the eyesight must not to be neglected.

Are you tired of wearing glasses? Do you have Dry eyes, Blurred vision or Dark Circles? Tired of looking at electronic gadgets for long hours? The modern world has left no stone unturned in endowing our eyes with issues like burning sensation, dryness, itching and tiredness.

Book this eye relaxing procedure Netra Tarpana which is an excellent soothing, relaxing eye treatment to rejuvenate eyes and surrounding tissues and get rid of eye-strain and strain related headaches.

Netra - Eyes. Tarpana - Nourishment. Netra Tarpana is also known by the name Netra Basti and Akshi Tarpana. It is a therapeutic procedure wherein warm medicated ghee (Triphala Ghrita, Jeevantyadi Ghrita) is made to retain in eyes in mould-frame of Urad dal flour constructed around the eye orbit for a specific time (30 mins) This is followed by 15 mins of Ashchotana (Eye wash) with Triphala Kashayam.

Tarpana karma is indicated when a patient sees darkness in front of eyes, in severe dryness of the eyes, roughness of the eyes, stiffness of the eyelids, falling of eye lashes / Madarosis, dirtiness of the eyes / altered or lost lusture of ocular surface, deviated eye ball / Squint and in extreme aggravation of the diseases of the eyes.

How is it done?

A compartment is made with ground urad dal around your eyes

Lukewarm medicated ghee which is decided according to the dosha is poured into the compartment

The medicinal ghee is then retained for a specific period of time and the patient is advised to open and slowly blink his eyes periodically during the therapy. This allows the oil/ghee to seep into the eyes and rehydrate them

The eyes are washed with herbal decoctions so as to get rid of impurities responsible for heaviness in eyes or blurred vision

Contraindications Fever, Giddiness, Common cold & flu Tarpana is contraindicated on cloudy day, excessive hot and cold season, anxious mental state, exhaustion, giddiness, the conditions of acute pain and complications of ocular disease. Severe eye pain and redness of eyes Sinusitis or headache due to sinusitis
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Ayurveda Oil

Medicinal Ghee

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