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Ayurvedic Post Pregnancy Massage For Mothers

post pregnancy massage

Ayurvedic Post Pregnancy Massage For Mothers

Postpartum care is essential for ensuring proper well-being and long-term health post pregnancy. As we know that during and after pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes several psychological and physical changes. As per Ayurvedic knowledge, the Pitta and Vata Dosha are affected severely during pregnancy and also when delivering a child. So, this is where post pregnancy massage comes into the picture. The practice has been followed for a long time in India. The Prasoothika Charya consists of various therapies that aim to balance Vata and Pitta Dosha post-delivery.

Defining the Concept of Abhyanga

Ayurveda has gifted us with countless practices to boost health benefits. One of them is the year-long practice of Abhyanga or postpartum Ayurvedic oil massage. This practice used to be followed in most Indian households and to this day, we can see it in a more professional way at Ayurvedic clinics. Postpartum massage offers amazing benefits to women after giving birth, especially when it comes to regaining mind and body.

It is a form of authentic oil massage that extracts all the toxins from body and mind. It also helps in boosting stamina by improving muscle tone. The therapeutic treatment is also good for curing back pain and muscle fatigue often experienced after childbirth.

Important Diet tips for Postnatal Care

Even if you opt for pregnancy massage, diet plays a key role here. Different types of herbs and oils are prescribed based on the digestive system of a mother. Sesame oil and ghee are often prescribed. For some, milk and rice gruel with Panchkula or Vidharigandhadi Gana is advised. Some Ayurvedic doctors also suggest drinking jaggery water for at least a week as it helps in regaining strength.

Remember, childbirth isn’t only about draining, it also leads to Vata Dosha. Therefore, mothers are bound to experience bloating, digestive issues, etc. This is the reason – diet is important during this stage. It is recommended to have simple foods that do not affect the digestive system or stimulate Vata Dosha.

Concluding this information on post pregnancy massage, the health of a mother gets significantly weak after delivery due to loss of fluid and blood. Also, the emptiness in the womb hampers physical condition. Therefore, during this it is suggested to opt for post natal massage at home so that a mother does not have to go outside her comfort zone.

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