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Ayursh Soundarya Vardini

● 90 minutes
Ayursh Soundarya Vardini

Signature Therapy For Skin Glow and Lustrous Hair. Ayurvedic Face Pack and Hair Pack

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Drench your skin and hair in the virtues of powerful Ayurvedic herbs and therapies with Ayursh Soundarya Vardhini - a beautiful amalgamation of potent therapies meant for pampering your skin and indulging your hair!

These Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Care therapies will be customized according to your prakriti (body constitution) and also to suit your skin and hair’s needs.

How is it done?

Our therapist would start with Mukha abhyanga (face massage) using dosha specific oils for 10-15 minutes

Post that, Swedana or herbal steam would be given for 5 minutes

Followed by Utsaadana or facial scrubbing for 5 minutes

Navara facial lasting for 50 minutes

Ayursh Keshini (application of herbal paste onto hair by therapist) for 10 minutes

Contraindications Fever Common cold & flu Open wounds in face and scalp
Products Used

Navara Rice

Herbal Oil


Rose Water


Balamoola Kwatha

Herbal Paste

Gharshana Churna

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