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Ayursh Mukha Kaanthi

● 60 minutes
Ayursh Mukha Kaanthi

Ayurvedic Facial For Skin Glow, Dark Circles and Dry Skin

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Are you tired of trying all sorts of beautifying therapies, facial packs, skin care routines and have not found a satisfactory result yet? Avail our Ayursh Mukha Kanti (Mukha - face, Kanti - Glow) which not only has beautification property but also has got medicinal properties in it. It helps you to impart facial glow, retains vitality of facial tissues, improves blood circulation and strengthens the facial muscles.

The cooling and rejuvenating properties of rice, milk and rose petals give a subtle glow to your face and help in alleviating the Pitta Dosha which is responsible for pimples & dullness.

This therapy is recommended for the one with the desire of fair and glowing face. Best suited if you have dry skin, burning sensation, skin tan, sun burn, etc.

How is it done?

Facial Massage for 10 minutes with herbal oil best suited for skin.

Facial Scrub with Kumkumadi lepa + milk enhances the glow and is done for 10 mins.

Herbal Churna Scrub with the mixture of triphala and yashti clears the pores and helps to remove the dead tissues. This is done for 5 mins.

Facial steam (5mins)- helps to liquify and eliminate the toxins clearing the skin pores from the face.

Navara Facial - The Navara(Shashtika Shali) rice cooked with Bala moola decoction is grounded with rose petals. A poultice is prepared with this and massage against the skin skilfully for 25 mins.

Navara Mukha Lepa (5 mins) - relaxes and cools the facial muscles with its coolant property.

Contraindications Fever Open wounds Common cold & flu Inflammatory conditions
Products Used

Ayurveda Oil

Rose Petals

Navara Rice Paste


Bala Kwath

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