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Release Your Frozen Shoulder Pain and be Active Like Before

Frozen Shoulder Pain

Release Your Frozen Shoulder Pain and be Active Like Before

There is nothing more painful than a frozen shoulder. It is one of the leading concerns among professionals and working-class people. The relentless working routine and professional cubicle system can put more stress on your shoulders. No wonder long working hours and a hectic lifestyle can lead to stiffness of the shoulder. The hampered mobility of your frozen shoulders will only worsen without getting the right frozen shoulder treatment in Bangalore. It is mandatory to dedicate some time to your body. Ayursh Ayurveda is a one-stop to get rid of your frozen shoulder. We provide risk-free, superior, and specialized physiotherapy services for frozen shoulders at your home. So, without juggling between your work and health, you can simply rely on us for the best frozen shoulder pain treatment in Bangalore from the comfort of your home. 

What is a frozen shoulder?  

Before jumping directly on frozen shoulder treatments and other details, it is essential to deeply understand frozen shoulder. It is a painful condition where the movement of the shoulder becomes limited. The medical term for it is adhesive capsulitis. The main reason behind its occurrence is that the connective tissues around the shoulder joint are becoming stiff, inflamed, as well as thick. 

This condition is known as a frozen shoulder because, with increased pain, the movement of the shoulders will be less. Also, with time and no correct treatment, it will be difficult to move your shoulders. 

What are the causes of frozen shoulders?  

The initial signs or causes of frozen shoulders will be slow, and gradually the pain will become worse. This condition develops in three stages: 

1. Freezing stage

This is the initial stage where you will experience pain in your shoulder while moving it. However, the pain will get worse with time, and the mobility of the shoulder will lessen. The freezing stage can last for around 6–9 months. 

2. Frozen stage

This is the second stage where pain can improve, but there will be more stiffness. There will be difficulty moving your shoulders and doing daily activities. The frozen stage can last for around 4–12 months. 

3. Thawing stage

In this stage, you will be able to regain shoulder mobility. The thawing stage can last for almost 6 months to 2 years.

There is no main cause behind frozen shoulders, but this can occur in people with reduced shoulder mobility, women, and people with diseases like diabetes, thyroid, etc. 

What are the essential tests to diagnose a frozen shoulder?  

Before getting frozen shoulder treatment at home, it is essential to diagnose it. The diagnosis of a frozen shoulder involves a physical exam. 

a) The movement of your shoulders is called passive range of motion.

b) Watch the movement of your shoulder; it is called active range of motion.

c) Comparison of two motion types.

The diagnosis of a frozen shoulder will further involve X-rays. There is no involvement of other advanced tests such as ultrasound, MRI, etc. for frozen shoulder treatment. 

Frozen shoulder treatment at home

When is the right time to get frozen shoulder treatment? 

Neglecting or overlooking the treatment at the best frozen shoulder treatment center can lead to more problems. This is the reason that you should be aware of the right time to get frozen shoulder treatment at Ayursh Ayurveda: 

a) Opt for the frozen shoulder treatment when you are experiencing persistent pain.

b) Don’t overlook frozen shoulder treatment when you are facing difficulty with shoulder movement.

c) If there is any swelling or clicking in your shoulder, opt for frozen shoulder treatment.

d) In the event of your inability to bear weight on your shoulder.

How can massage or therapies benefit a frozen shoulder? 

Massages or therapies can effectively reduce frozen shoulder pain. Ayursh Ayurveda, the best frozen shoulder treatment center in Bangalore, offers therapies for the betterment of your frozen shoulder. Therapies or massages can help increase the blood flow and allow the muscles to relax. It is effective in reducing inflammation and stiffness for better shoulder movement. 

How does Ayursh Ayurveda help with frozen shoulder pain or treatment? 

Ayursh Ayurveda as one of the best frozen shoulder treatment centers is highly trusted for offering physiotherapy at your doorstep. We understand that working 24/7 in a cubicle or multinational company can reduce the mobility of your shoulder. This is why we provide professional physiotherapy services with convenience and personalized care at your home. 

Our team of skilled and experienced physiotherapists is dedicated to allowing you to regain mobility, alleviate pain, as well as improve your well-being. We believe in personalized care while offering comprehensive frozen shoulder treatment at home with the help of experienced and caring professionals. We strive to provide you with long-lasting pain relief and 30- to 60-minute daycare procedures. Moreover, Ayursh Ayurveda offers flexible appointment options as per your needs. 

What therapies does Ayursh Ayurveda offer? 

With Ayurveda, you can take the initial step towards an energetic and pain-free lifestyle. As the leading frozen shoulder treatment center in Bangalore, we offer a range of frozen shoulder therapies to ease your pain and symptoms. The frozen shoulder therapies offered by Ayursh Ayurveda are: 

a) Active release therapy

b) Trigger point therapy

Our team of skilled therapists will assist you with frozen shoulder therapy to treat the pain as well as range of motion issues. Apart from frozen shoulder therapies, Ayursh Ayurveda also offers services like: 

a) Pregnancy sciatica massage at home

b) Arthritis treatment at home in Bangalore

c) Elderly care massages at home

d) Stroke care massages at home, etc.

Why choose Ayursh Ayurveda for the best frozen shoulder physiotherapy from the comfort of your home?

Opting for physiotherapy by Ayursh Ayurveda is all about getting physical therapy to restore, maintain, as well as improve the mobility and functioning of your frozen shoulder. It involves techniques like physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, etc. to achieve the best results. Choosing Ayursh Ayurveda for frozen shoulder treatment in Bangalore will lead you to: 

a) Improved health guarantee

b) Top-notch, trusted assistance

c) Experienced and expert therapists

At Ayursh Ayurveda, we offer complete healing solutions to attain patients’s satisfaction. We aspire to offer superior frozen shoulder pain treatment in Bangalore by relying on integrity, teamwork, technology, values, etc. 

We are dedicated to: 

a) Offering economical physiotherapy in the comfort of your home by professional physiotherapists.

b) Top-notch frozen shoulder treatment with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

c) We also offer post-pregnancy massage at home or pregnancy massages at home in Bangalore, along with frozen shoulder massages.

d) Highly personalized treatment or massages at home.

e) Assessment over a phone call.

f) With Ayurveda, you can get a certified, specialized, as well as highly experienced physiotherapist at your doorstep. They dedicate their time and services to your betterment within a short time. Plus, you can get post-surgery care massages at home with Ayursh Ayurveda.

You can rely on Ayursh Ayurveda for ayurvedic body massage and frozen shoulder treatment at home in Bangalore. We offer the best physiotherapy for your quick improvement.

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