Hip Mobilisation

● 30 minutes
Hip Mobilisation

Hands-on Techniques

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When your lower back pain flares up, you may reach for ice or pain killers to alleviate your symptoms. But have you considered a hands-on approach? No single treatment works for everyone. But our hands-on approach to your lower back can help you find long term pain relief from your pain and discomfort

In Ayursh Physiotherapy, we provide different variety of therapies like joint manipulation, soft tissue release manual traction, trigger point release, manual stretching, deep tissue massage to move tight joints and soft tissues to restore the normal range of motion

Contraindications Joint instability due to fracture, dislocation, and joint replacement Severe degenerative joint disease Unstable joint. Healing fracture-involved or adjacent joint Acute inflammation Bony disease Acute systemic illness or fever, chills, common cold, diarrhoea and flu

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