Advanced Care for Ankle / Heel Pain

● 45 minutes
Advanced Care for Ankle / Heel Pain

Combination therapies For Ankle / Heel pain

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Is your pain debilitating both physically and emotionally? Ankle and heel pain can slow you down. You can get through this with the help of our highly-trained movement experts of Ayursh. Feeling unsteady or not quite sure-footed the way you used to? We can help you get back on your feet quickly!

Are you ready to get rid of yourself from ankle/heel hobbling pain? Our complete pain relief program comprises of tailor-made exercise, soothing manual therapy such as soft tissue release and pain-relieving modalities which will help you dictate your own mobility, overall functioning and comfort. It sets you free from the limitations of pain. We educate you on footwear and activity. Our combination therapy is very beneficial in treating ankle/heel condition like Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar fascitis, Heel spur, Flat foot, Foot drop, Ligament injury, etc

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