Therapeutic Ultrasound For Elbow Pain Relief

● 45 minutes
Therapeutic Ultrasound For Elbow Pain Relief

Heat Treatment For Pain Relief

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Stop living with elbow or wrist pain. You do not have to learn to live with it or manage it. We can treat it and change it with help of therapeutic modalities that speed recovery time.

How is it done?

A gel will be applied to the transducer head and the affected area. This gel helps the waves to evenly penetrate the skin

During the therapy treatment, your therapist will continuously move the transducer overhead and around the area to be treated. Duration and placement will depend on your health condition

Contraindications Impaired mental status Presence of an implanted electrical device (like a pacemaker, stunt) Malignancies or areas with broken skin Open or infected wounds Acute systemic illness or fever, chills, common cold, diarrhoea and flu Impaired sensation
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Therapeutic Ultrasound

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