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Experience the elixir of personalized Home Ayurvedic Therapies and Home Physiotherapies. Strengthen your muscles and joints with our pain relieving treatments, holistic therapies and relaxation massages.  Calm your nerves, enhance your skin tone, get a lustrous hair and a lot more all at the confines of your home.

Our Ayurvedic Services

We offer following services at your home

Our Physiotherapy Services

We offer following services at your home


Talk to our Expert Ayurvedic Doctors. Find the most suitable treatment for you


Have a health-releted question in mind? Why fret,when we have a team of dedicated doctors who will resolve your concerns by prescribing the combination of internal medicenes and external therapies with an apt regimen.


Seeking parmanent relief for your sciatic and arthritis pain?Looking forward to relax after a long working day at home? Just book our Ayurveda Panchakarma certified, well-trained therapists to get yourself pampered.


Experience the ancient ayurvedic massages such as Abhyanga-Full body Ayurvedic Oil massages, Ardhaanga Abhyanga-Half Body Ayurvedic Oil massage,Shirottama-Head massage,Padottama-Foot massage and Signature Ayurvedic Relaxation Therapies like Shirodhara at the confines of your home.


Why pop unnecessary pills when you can retain good health by following a proper daily regime and sticking to professional diet advice! Our consulting physician team will guide you with the right Pathya & Apathya which is of prime importance for leading a healthy life both physically and mentally.

All the therapies are done with utmost care following covid safety measures. Moreover, we are proud to say that all our therapists are fully vaccinated.

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Dive into the vast sea of health and well-being.


Gauri Nair

At first, I was a bit skeptical to undergo Ayurvedic therapy for my hair loss. However, after consultation with the doctor, all my fears were gone. As, all my queries were patiently. In addition, aptly answered. Therefore, I am fully satisfied and happy to say that after just 3 sessions. Moreover, my hair fall has reduced by 70%!

S. Srikanth

Amazing at-home Ayurvedic therapy services for people like me. Likewise, who are either have no time or are too lazy to visit a doctor’s clinic. Therefore, got complete relief from my neck pain after just 3 sessions.

Shreya Patil

I must say Ayursh is god-sent for mothers like me. Therefore, the at-home post-pregnancy massage was a soothing and relaxing experience. In addition, I have already recommended Ayursh to a lot of my friends and family members. Moreover, I would continue to enjoy their services in the future.

Krishna Mhaske

I came to know about Ayursh through a colleague and decided to give it a try for weight loss. Therefore, I consulted their doctor and scheduled a visit. Likewise, the doctor examined my naadi (pulse) and gave me advice pertaining to my diet and exercise. Therefore, i have lost about 3.5 kgs after just 2 sessions and feel more fit and energetic than before. In addition, I will like to say Thank you Ayursh for your wonderful services.

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