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Virechana | Panchakarma Treatment

panchakarma therapy

Virechana | Panchakarma Treatment

Virechana is a type of panchakarma treatment. The word “Virechana” in Sanskrit means purging or laxative. It is a procedure to have controlled purgation by using the medicine, based on the strength of the disease and the patient. This treatment is very effective in removing all the toxins, especially from the intestines, and alleviates aggravated pitta dosha within the body. If you are a resident of Banashankari, then you can easily find an Ayurveda clinic near me to get the treatment. But, before you do that, here are some of the things that you should know.

Pitta dosha is responsible for metabolic activities, digestion, and enzyme formations in the body. Due to irregular diet and lifestyle, untimely meals, excess junk food, spicy, masala food items, non-veg food, fried food, alcohol, smoking, etc pitta vitiation happens in the body. By doing virechana, vitiated pitta goes out, and healthy pitta forms in the body and thus helps for normal body functioning.

Who can Undergo Virechana Treatment?

So, which type of patients can go for this panchakarma treatment in Banashankari? People who are having skin disorders, blisters, liver problems, peptic ulcers, severe constipation, jaundice, hyperacidity, spleen diseases, PCOD, infertility, menstrual problems, migraine, anemia, diabetes, asthma, etc. also can undergo the treatment.

Who cannot Undergo Virechana Treatment?

People who have poor digestive systems, diarrhea, bleeding ulcers, hard bowel movement, acute fever, and decoction enema.

Procedure –

Before starting Virechana, our experts will analyze the condition, understand the prakruti, and assess the strength of digestion, disease, and the person. Based on that personalized treatment will be recommended which you can take at home itself comfortably

Step 1 – Deepana -Pachana Medicines – which help to stimulate the digestive process. It may give for 5-7 days based on the strength of the digestive system. If the digestive fire is not strong, then the procedure won’t give the desired effect. If there is any undigested food remaining in the stomach, that will also get clear by taking these medicines. Therefore, this is the pre-procedure to make your digestive fire strong.

Step 2 – Snehapana – Based on different criteria, like disease conditions, the strength of the person, etc a particular medicated ghee will be given to drink on empty stomach. Every day, based on a few physical and physiological changes, the dose will be changed. The Doctor will keep monitoring it. Our trained therapist will come home and give the medicated ghee. It should be taken on an empty stomach, and after having ghee hot water should be taken sip by sip. It should not be taken in large quantities, it may affect the digestion of ghee. Should not sleep in the daytime. A person may get a headache, and experience slight discomfort in the body. That’s normal, nothing to worry about. Once the ghee is digested, a person will get clear buff and hunger. Then he or she can eat food (a Diet chart will be given). When you book this panchakarma treatment at home in Banashankari, you can consult with your dietician and get the right advice.

Why Ghee?

It is a very common question for many people. ‘It is very difficult to drink ghee’, ‘I feel nauseating’, ‘I can’t take it’, etc are the practical difficulties we face when we give ghee directly to the person to take at home. That’s why we send our trained therapists to help you to drink ghee. The reason behind giving medicated ghee is, it helps to moisten the toxins from the channels. For example, when we prepare halwa, we smear ghee on the vessel, so that halwa won’t stick to the vessel and comes out easily. In a similar way, when we drink ghee, it helps to remove toxins easily.

Step 3 – Sarvanga Abhyanga and Swedana – Once the person gets proper internal moisturization, full body oil massage and steam will be done for three days by our trained therapist at home itself. From oil massage and steam, all the toxins accumulate in the stomach.

Step 4- Virechana – Morning around 9 AM (Pitta time) a medicine will be given either in the form of lehya, capsule, or tablet based on the condition. Before taking a person should finish his early morning routines like bath etc, he should have a pleasant mind. The Therapist will check BP, then medicine will be given. After taking medicine, one should drink hot water sip by sip. After one or one and a half hours, loose motions start. Count the motions. Once the motion stops you can take a bath and can have rice gruel.

In the whole procedure, dedication, patience, and confidence are very important. Diet to be strictly followed.

It is one of the great gifts you can offer yourself to boost your immunity, strengthen your digestive system and rejuvenate your skin, body and mind. Get this panchakarma therapy in Banashankari and live a better life.

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