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Give your life a new hope by managing autism with Ayurvedic massages

Give your life a new hope by managing autism with Ayurvedic massages

The strength of Ayurvedic wellness and treatments is known to all. People understand the fact that some health issues can be healed or treated to some extent with the help of Ayurvedic methods. Autism is one of those issues or disorders that can be treated or managed by opting for an autism massage at home. It refers to a massive range of conditions that involve daily challenges like repetitive behavior, social skills, nonverbal communication, etc. Mostly, the initial signs of autism appear in children aged 2 or 3 years and can be detected at the earliest of 18 months after birth. However, with the rising number of autism cases, it is essential to be aware of Ayurvedic massages and treatments that can treat or minimize it’s symptoms to some extent.

Ayursh Ayurveda can be a helping hand in managing and treating autism and getting some relief from autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We offer autism massages in Bangalore that can help make a positive and big difference in the lives of people with this disorder. The tailored Ayurvedic treatments by Ayursh Ayurveda for autism promote overall positive behaviour. However, before getting into the details of our offered autism therapies, it is essential to know a bit about autism and its symptoms. 

What is Autism?

Autism is known to encompass a broad range of issues or conditions that are characterized by challenges like social skills, repetitive behaviour, non-verbal communication, etc. Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a minor problem that requires full-time special care. Every person dealing with autism has some strengths and faces some challenges. 

Different factors can influence the development of autism. Plus, it comes with sensory sensitivities, medical issues like gastrointestinal disorders, sleep issues, mental health issues like anxiety, attention issues, etc. Also, people with autism have a hard time expressing themselves via gestures, touch, etc. They can face issues with learning new things or developing a sense of them. However, there is no cure for autism, but it can be healed to some extent via autism massages. 

What are the symptoms of Autism, or ASD? 

The early signs of autism can be seen during childhood and can last throughout life. Here are some of the symptoms of ASD: 

a) A lack of eye contact

b) No to a minimum interest in certain topics

c) Repeating things like words, rocking back or forth, etc.

d) Sensitive to sounds, smells, sights, etc. that are common for normal people

e) Not being able to look at or listen to other people.

f) Not looking at certain things when someone points them out

g) Not liking to be cuddled or held

h) Facing issues to understand

i) Talking in a weird or robotic voice

j) Facing a hard time adapting to changes in the daily routine

k) Seizures 

Some sort of relief or healing can be experienced for all these symptoms via autism massages. 

What are autism spectrum disorders? 

There are different kinds of autism spectrum disorders, such as:

a) Asperger’s syndrome

Children with this syndrome face social problems and have a lack of interest. 

b) Autistic disorder

This problem is related to social interactions, communications, etc.

c) Disintegrative disorder

Children with this disorder have normal development for around 2 years and then lack communication and social skills. 

d) Pervasive developmental disorder

This disorder involves people with autism but doesn’t fall into any other category.

However, all of these autism spectrum disorders can be healed with autism massage with the right autistic massage therapist. 

How can Ayurveda be beneficial in healing autism? 

The perspective of Ayurveda when it comes to autism is powerful. It believes in the combination of sareera, which is the physical body, satva, which is the mind, and atma, which is the spirit, to lead a beautiful jivita, which is life. 

As per Ayurveda, autism is a behavioural abnormality that happens because of defective neuropsychological platforms as well as derangements in the metabolic as well as digestive systems. This disorder falls into the category of unmada, where one or more mental faculties can be wrong. Ayurveda can help heal the unmada and its impairment. This can be possible by opting for an autism massage at home. 

How can Ayursh Ayurveda help heal autism via its massages and therapies? 

Ayursh Ayurveda uses a holistic approach to balance body, mind, and spirit to ultimately heal autism. Here are the massages and therapies offered by us for autism:

 1. Panchakarma

This is a cleansing as well as rejuvenating therapy. It helps remove toxins from the body as well as balance everything. In terms of autism, this therapy improves the digestive system, minimizes inflammation, as well as enhances the immune system. Opting for panchakarma treatments at home in Bangalore with Ayursh Ayurveda involves different massages, herbal enemas, etc. 

2. Abhyanga

Abhyanga is part of the autism massages in Bangalore offered by Ayursh Ayurveda. The Abhyanga massage helps in improving circulation, minimizes anxiety, as well as offers a sense of calm. 

3. Nasya

Opting for autism massages at home in Bangalore with us involves nasal therapy. It helps in promoting respiratory health and addressing sinus issues. Plus, it improves cognitive function and minimizes anxiety. 

4. Daiva Vyapasraya

This is a self-confidence-building treatment that helps manage autism. It protects the mind and body of the person facing ASD. 

5. Yukti Vyapasraya

This is rational medical management, which involves rational prescription of food, activities, etc. It helps maintain the equilibrium of the body and mind. 

6. Satvavajaya

It involves self-control techniques where cognitive, spiritual, as well as behavioral knowledge as well as training methods are used. This helps in maintaining the mental faculties. 

The rational treatment, or autism massage at home in Bangalore is carried out mainly in four parts:

a) Dosha pacifying therapy

b) Good diet and other regimes

c) Bio-cleansing therapy

d) Avoidance of causative factors 

Ayursh Ayurveda helps in minimizing the symptoms of autism via its home for autism massage. We also offer herbal medicines, diet, and lifestyle changes to heal autism. However, the panchakarma treatments at home in Bangalore for autism can take 3 to 5 weeks. 

How does Ayursh Ayurveda offer autism therapies right in the comfort of your home? 

Getting a top-notch home for autism massage in Bangalore can be daunting. But it can help bring about a huge transformation in your life. Ayursh Ayurveda offers therapies and massages for autism that can help you heal and calm your mind, body, and soul right from the comfort of your home. We have gained a lot of trust from people dealing with autism by offering them the right kind of autistic massages and therapies. Plus, our skilled and highly professional therapist, along with other therapies like cancer care massages at home, frozen shoulder treatment at home, etc., allows you to be at ease. With us, you can enjoy the benefits of autism therapies and massages from the couch. Our massage experts are your partners in healing from autism. Thus, with Ayursh Ayurveda, you not only get your autistic massage therapist but also the satisfaction of keeping your mind, body, and soul at first.

Other therapies offered by us at the convenience of your home:

a) Physiotherapy at home in Bangalore 

b) Cancer care massages at home 

c) Arthritis treatment at home in Bangalore 

d) Pregnancy sciatica massage at home 

e) Post-pregnancy massage at home in Bangalore 

f) Frozen shoulder treatment at home, etc. 


  • What kinds of therapies are involved in autism healing?

There are different therapies involved in healing autism, like panchakarma, abhyanga, nasya, etc. 

  • What other therapies are offered by Ayursh Ayurveda at home?

Ayursh Ayurveda offers other therapies at home, like post-pregnancy massage at home in Bangalore, pregnancy sciatica massage at home, arthritis treatment at home in Bangalore, physiotherapy at home in Bangalore, etc. 

  • Is Ayurveda helpful with autism?

Ayurveda and therapies related to autism can help to minimize  the symptoms of autism. 

  • What is Ayurveda?

It is a traditional healing system involving different therapies to maintain overall health. 

  • Does Ayursh Ayurveda have professional therapists?

Yes, we have skilled and professional therapists for autism and other health issues.

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