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Frequently added ayurveda therapies

Ayursh Ardhaanga Abhyanga
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Half Body Oil Massage for localized pain relief & relaxation

Ayursh Padottama
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Foot Massage and Leg Massage for Muscle Cramps and Aching Feet

Ayursh Shirottama
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Head Massage to Reduce Stress and Improve Hair Growth

Upanaha Sweda
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Herbal Bandaging for Swelling, Inflammation and Joint Pains

Ayursh Mukha Kaanthi
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Ayurvedic Facial For Skin Glow, Dark Circles and Dry Skin

Ayursh Phala Kaanthi
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Fruit Facial At Home for Oily Skin and Skin Blemishes

Ayursh Soundarya Vardini
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Signature Therapy For Skin Glow and Lustrous Hair. Ayurvedic Face Pack and Hair Pack

Ayursh Netra Tarpanam
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For Nourishing and Clean Eyes. To improve Far/Near Sightedness, Reduces eye burning. Removes Dark circles

Shirodhara with Full Body Massage
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Head to Toe Oil Massage followed by Shirodhara therapy. Ideal for Relaxation, Stress Relief, Depression, Migraine & Hair Fall

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Ayursh Sarvaanga Abhyanga 1 Session
₹ 2,000

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