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The age-old wisdom of Ayurveda is knocking on your door

Authentic Ayurvedic Therapies At Your Home

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Ayurvedic Therapies @ Your Home

Experience the elixir of personalized home ayurvedic therapies and treatments. It will help to alleviate your arthritis pain & low back aches. Also, it strengthen your joints and muscles. Moreover, it helps to calm your nerves and enhance your skin tone. In addition, it will get a lustrous hair and a lot more at the confines of your home.

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Our Ayurvedic Services

We offer following services at your home

We offer a wide range of health care services at your home. Just give us a call today at 88848 33000 to talk to our consulting physician. You can also book home massage therapists for muscle & joint stiffness, frozen shoulder, ACL tears, ligament injuries and sports massage therapies. In additon, we also have specialized Ayurvedic massages for post-pregnancy care, weight loss, elderly care, stroke(paralysis), bed-ridden and various other musculoskeletal issues.

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Doctor consultation with Naadi Pariksha

Our team of Ayurvedic Vaidyas will carefully evaluate your Naadi (pulse-diagnosis) and thoroughly assess your Prakruti (body constitution). Also, help you choose the perfect home therapy and treatments for various ailments. Such as, back pain, knee joint pain, muscle cramp, cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis. Moreover, it also includes ankylosing spondylosis, sciatica, migraine & sinusitis, anxiety, depression, stress relief, parkinson, hair fall, eye strain and treatment. Therefore, these are for acidity, diabetes, gynaecological issues, PCOD/PCOS, dysmenorrhoea, skin problems, psoriasis, eczema, seasonal allergies, asthma, IBS, male and female infertility. Moreover, our Doctors would also prescribe suitable ayurvedic home remedies.

Our Specialities

Consult Doctor Online

Do you have a health-related question in mind? Book for instant Doctor appointment with our team of dedicated consulting physician professionals. Moreover, they will resolve your concerns by prescribing the combination of internal medicines and suitable home ayurvedic therapies and massages with an apt regimen.

Relaxation Massages and Therapies

Experience the ancient ayurvedic massages such as Abhyanga - Full body Ayurvedic Oil massage, Ardhaanga Abhyanga - Half Body Ayurvedic Oil massage and Shirottama - Head massage. Also, relax with our Padottama - Foot massage and Signature Ayurvedic Relaxation Therapies like Shirodhara at the confines of your home

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Book a Certified Therapist

Are you seeking permanent relief for your sciatic and arthritis. Are you looking forward to relax after a long working day at home? Just book our Ayurveda Panchakarma certified and well-trained therapists and get yourself pampered.

Get a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Do not pop unnecessary pills. Also, you can retain good health naturally by following a proper daily regime following our professional diet advice. In addition, our consulting physician team will guide you with the right Pathya & Apathya. Therefore, it is of prime importance for leading a healthy life both physically and mentally.

All the therapies are done with utmost care following covid safety measures. Moreover, we are proud to say that all our therapists are fully vaccinated.


Some of our signature therapies for pain relief and stress buster

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Dive into the vast sea of health and well-being.

I came to know about Ayursh through a colleague and decided to give it a try for weight loss. Therefore, I consulted their doctor and scheduled a visit. Likewise, the doctor examined my naadi (pulse) and gave me advice pertaining to my diet and exercise. Therefore, i have lost about 3.5 kgs after just 2 sessions and feel more fit and energetic than before. In addition, I will like to say Thank you Ayursh for your wonderful services.

Krishna Mhaske

I must say Ayursh is god-sent for mothers like me. Therefore, the at-home post-pregnancy massage was a soothing and relaxing experience. In addition, I have already recommended Ayursh to a lot of my friends and family members. Moreover, I would continue to enjoy their services in the future.

Shreya Patil

Amazing at-home Ayurvedic therapy services for people like me. Likewise, who are either have no time or are too lazy to visit a doctor’s clinic. Therefore, got complete relief from my neck pain after just 3 sessions.

S. Srikanth

At first, I was a bit skeptical to undergo Ayurvedic therapy for my hair loss. However, after consultation with the doctor, all my fears were gone. As, all my queries were patiently. In addition, aptly answered. Therefore, I am fully satisfied and happy to say that after just 3 sessions. Moreover, my hair fall has reduced by 70%!

Gauri Nair

My mother was suffering from knee pain for the last 5 years. Therefore, we came to know about Ayursh home therapy services through a friend. Moreover, we decided to avail of their services. In addition, the doctor, after proper assessment of my mother, advised suitable therapy for her. Likewise, she had to undergo 7 sessions. In conclusion, therapy along with Ayurvedic medicines have cured her completely.

Jahnvi Sharma

Enjoy the Best Version of Your Body & Mind with Age Old Ayurvedic Massage and Therapies

Do you want to experience the best version of yourself? A state where your mind & body is free from diseases and pain. A state where you are happy and productive throughout the day by radiating the peace from within. If you are wondering how, then the answer is Ayurvedic Body Massage.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word. It means the knowledge and science of life. It originated from Ancient India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda believes in the synchronization of body and mind with our external environment and ancient practices like Yoga, meditation, wholesome satvic food and ayurvedic herbal poultice body massages. Also, herbal decoctions and other home remedies frame the part of Ayurveda. Therefore, it is a holistic cure with no side effects.

As most of you know, Ayurvedic Body Massage is done using warm oil. Also, the warm oil is applied to the entire body, from the top of the head to the soles of your feet.  In addition, the benefits an ayurvedic warm oil Massage offers to a human body is immense. Some common benefits are Relaxation, stress relief, eradicating emotional blockages, improving sleep quality, etc. The type of oil used for the massage would be carefully chosen based on one's body nature, skin type and according to their doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha)

Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Massage
  • Soothes the body & mind
  • Removes Stress
  • Nourishes the Skin
  • Reduces Muscle Stiffness and Pain
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Eyesight
  • Boosts Energy & Alertness
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Heals Nervous System Disorders
  • At Last, But not the Least, it Slows Ageing
Different Types of Abhyanga Massage
Full Body Massage

Here, the whole body from the top of the head and scalp to the soles of the feet is covered. Therefore, apart from releasing stress and pain from the body, it also helps in boosting energy levels. Likewise, it will increases vigour and vitality.

Half Body Massage

Half Body Massage covers the part above the navel (torso, neck & hands). Likewise, the body part below the navel (lower back and legs). Moreover, the main focus is to relieve cervical pain, backache or spasm on the legs.

Head Massage

Under this traditional head massage, your head, scalp and hair will be given thorough rhythmic strokes using warm herbal oils. It helps in improving sleep quality, strong concentration and reducing hair loss.

Leg & Foot Massage

This traditional leg & foot massage reduces the discomfort stored in the legs by improper footwear and excessive exertion of the legs. Moreover, it heals any kind of nervous system disorders, improves blood circulation and also reduces strain in the calf muscles.

Face Massage

Face Massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating therapy. Moreover, they nourishes the skin, reduces blemishes and scars and lightens the dark circles.

Other Specialties
1. Special Therapies for the Elderly

People in their old age suffer a lot of issues related to joints, muscles, loose skin, hypertension and bodily movement. Moreover, they need much more care and love than the rest. Therefore, we have designed special therapies for the elderly and that includes:

  • Anti Ageing Therapy
  • Body Strengthening Therapy
  • Pain Relieving Therapy
2. Post Pregnancy Care

A woman’s body after pregnancy sustains drastic changes. Likewise, fluctuation in hormone levels, stretching of muscles, and enlargement of the belly. Prasoothika Charya therapy consists of oil massage, herbal bath and internal medicine. Under our Doctor's supervision, this therapy boost up the healing process quickly.

In addition, it soothes all tired muscles, calms the mind, detoxifies the body and repairs internal wear and tear.

3. Weight Management

Staying fit is every person’s desire. Likewise, the majority are not satisfied with their weight. Moreover, many are suffering from being overweight and many from being underweight. Therefore, we bring special weight management therapies:

  • Ayursh Medohara- Weight Loss Therapy
  • Ayursh Brumhana- Weight Gain Therapy
4. Others

We have other variety of treatments like

  • Muscles & Joints treatments
  • Skin & Haircare
  • Relax & Rejuvenate

Home Massage Therapists at your Doorstep
Enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments with our expert home massage therapists in the comfort of your home.

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